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          Congratulations to WHCM to hold the 2015 summary conference successfully Congratulations to WHCM to hold the 2015 summary conference successfully! Our Chairman Mr.Dong made the annual work summary speech and also set a new w… 2015-12-13
          Congratulations to workers to get good rankings in the Huancui District 8th staff skill… Huancui District 8th staff skill competition was held in Weihai Senior Technical School in Oct.23th,2015. After 2 days grueling competition, the closi… 2015-10-23
          Warmly congratulations to WHCM to finish fabricating the first Zibo Qi Xiang Petrochemical Group mainly fabricates MEK, MTBE, isobutene, TBA, carbonyl SBR latex, chemical additives, etc. over 20 kinds of products. … 2015-10-25
          Congratulations to WHCM to finish the pilot plant model successfully in the cleaning wo… The pilot plant model was finished successfully in our cleaning workshop. The project handover ceremony was held in Apr.29th. The ceremony was host by … 2015-04-29
          Warmly congratulations to WHCM supporting the Tiangong II rocket being launched success… China Aerospace Science and Technology Group emphasized many times that “power is the first issue needing to be solved for aerospace industry developm… 2017-02-13
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