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          Warmly welcome Thailand Asia Cassava Products Company Chairman Mr.Li to visit our compa… TACP Chairman Mr.Li visited our company in Jun.25th,2014. Both sides had discussed the technology, equipment manufacturing and other relevant issues d… 2014-06-25
          Congratulations to received praise for the Lu’an Project Carbon monoxide conversion The Lu’an project carbon monoxide conversion furnace fabricated by our company was finished on time with high quality. We received high praise for the… 2014-06-26
          Congratulations to WHCM to sign off the technology transfer agreement with Japan Kobelc… Warmly congratulations to WHCM to sign off the technology transfer agreement with Japan Kobelco Group. This agreement not only improved the cooperation… 2014-06-27
          Warmly Congratulations to Nanjing Jinling Huntsman PO/MTBE equipment Huntsman is the global manufacturer and supplier of specific chemicals. Huntsman provides fundamental products to the global industry, including chemic… 2014-06-28
          Congratulations to WHCM to achieve the international environment management system cert… hina quality mark certification group (CQM) had carried out stage 2 review of our environment and occupational health and safety management system, and… 2015-11-14
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